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Over the Rainbow: Email List Gold

by | 26 May | in Blog

The single most effective form of direct marketing is through Email. Eh? Don't doubt it. There are plenty of stats that back up this statement. Spam mail may have tarnished the perception of email marketing but there is no doubt about the effectiveness of marketing to a list of people who have asked for your updates. ... read more »

Be The Expert

by | 12 May | in Blog

Establishing yourself as an expert is important on several levels. First, it gives people a reason to visit your site on a regular basis. Second, you give them a reason to advertise your business. If people like the information your are giving them they will share it - and the source, you. Referrals, as we all know, are like gold to any business, better than any advertising response ... read more »

Series: How To Dominate Your Local or Niche Market

by | 23 April | in Blog

"How do I get more exposure?"

It's a question clients often ask. Given the current economic situation they also want to know how they can do it on a budget. This five-part series will show you how to achieve your goals over the next several weeks. ... read more »

Profile On Moleskinerie

by | 09 February | in Blog

Moleskinerie is one of the most popular sites online about the venerable Moleskine notebook. My article about My Web Design Process has been profiled on the site. ... read more »

Learning From Charlotte's Web

by | 07 January | in Blog

Charlotte’s Web is a classic tale of friendship, trust and loyalty. Charlotte spins words into her web in an attempt to convince the farmer that Wilbur, the pig, is worth saving. Your website should take a lot of cues from Charlotte. In particular, it needs to build trust and friendship with those who visit and use it. ... read more »

Web Design Process - What I Do

by | 17 November | in Blog

I am often asked by clients what goes into designing a website so I thought I'd take some time and explain it now. All sites are unique. Some are very complex while others are basic. ... read more »

The Golden Ratio and Design

by | 13 October | in Blog

Our experience tells us that the universe can be defined - to no small degree - by mathematics. Some of the most exciting and memorable tales in human history are defined by numbers. The story Pythagorus and what ensued after him reads like a great adventure. Newton has been dead nearly 350 years and we all know of his accomplishments. Einstein - well, Einstein made math sexy. And then there is Ted Williams hitting .400. The list is endless. ... read more »

Colonel Mustard With A Candlestick

by | 10 September | in Blog

William Feathers once said: "Beware of the person who can't be bothered by details.”

Dig deeply into any work of art, any novel of note, and amongst its mountain of details you will find its excellence. Broad ideas, bold strokes, and colorful images are the signal posts of our world and how we navigate it, but it is only in the details that we can truly see its beauty. ... read more »

It's Cheap, Easy & And You Da Man!

by | 10 June | in Blog

In tough economic times we are told to concentrate first on our existing customers. Retaining them can insure that your business continues and survives. All business, it has been said, comes down to relationships. The question is, in these tough times, how do you reach out to customers without spending a lot of money? ... read more »

Performance That Pays: SEO and Content Managed Sites

by | 29 May | in Blog

Ask any business owner: Do you want a web site that shows up on the first two pages of a Google or Yahoo! search or on page 11? The answer is "of course, page 1." But, even though the costs are relatively small to put themselves in a position to do this, most will balk at added fees to get there. ... read more »



Jim Piper, Jr. | Lead Today Society

Jim Piper, JrI have worked with Jack for 10 years now. He has always been nothing but professional. The artistic designs that he has created for us have been unbelievably magnificent. He is the first guy I recommend to anyone looking for web development. Awesome, awesome work Jack."

Audra Byrne | Serenity Solutions

Audra ByrneAs a new business owner, working with Jack was one of the smartest decisions I have made. He is very easy to talk to, extremely reliable, quick with communication and a wealth of business marketing knowledge. I am a detail-oriented person who had a vision of what I wanted for my website. Jack was so good at honoring all of my requests, answering every rookie question I had and was extremely patient with me as I asked him to fine-tune every detail. The final product was exactly what I wanted. If you are looking for a “coach” in the world of web-design and on-line marketing, Jack is your top choice."

Elizabeth M. | iThrive Yoga

Beth MJack is brilliant! He has created an amazing website for our studio. We receive daily comments from our students that they love our website and came to see the studio initially because of the website. I would highly recommend!"

Jill K. | My Coding Mentor

Jill KulankoIt was clear that he spent time researching my field and similar websites. He was accommodating and listened to what I needed and delivered an exceptional website. Everything was completed in the time we agreed upon and he made adjustments as needed. I absolutely love my new website!"


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