Performance That Pays: SEO and Content Managed Sites

Ask any business owner: Do you want a web site that shows up on the first two pages of a Google or Yahoo! search or on page 11? The answer is "of course, page 1." But, even though the costs are relatively small to put themselves in a position to do this, most will balk at added fees to get there.

Over the past six months I have been trying to convince new and existing clients the value of a Content Managment System (CMS) for their web presence - instead of a brochure-style site. Most clients are concerned primarily with how their web site performs in their local market. Content managed sites that are built to web standards perform better - plain and simple. The additional cost to build a CMS are usually re-cptured by their strong search engine performance.

Google recently assigned new Page Ranks to all the sites it has indexed. All of the custom CMS solutions I have created have moved up in their Page Ranks and their search engine results, some have seen significant jumps.

Some sites that are virtually new have impressive Page Rank and search engine results already. Creux Salon is six months old. It has a Page Rank of 2 and is on the first page for a search of a Yahoo! and Google Search. DRC Law has a Page Rank of 4 after 6 months. (It was built from PDR Law.)

Other sites that have been around for a while are performing even better since they have been switched. Centennial Airport has a PR of 5, and their sub-pages now have a PR of 4. Synergy Salon's PR has improved and they've moved from page 10 to page 2 in a Google Search.

But it's the bottom line that matters. Your website is only good if it produces and enhances business. Great search engine performance can pay for the design costs in a couple of months. Most people will only look 2 to 3 pages deep in a search. If you aren't there you are NOT competing.

Sites that are properly built, search engine optimized, frequently updated and focused on their target markets are going to perform better and generate real leads and business.


I have worked with Jack for 5 years now. He has always been nothing but professional. The artistic designs that he has created for us have been unbelievably magnificent. He is the first guy I recommend to anyone looking for web development. Awesome, awesome work Jack.
Jim Piper, Jr., Lead Today Society

Jack is brilliant ! He has created an amazing website for our studio. We receive daily comments from our students that they love our website and came to see the studio initially because of the website. I would highly recommend!
Elizabeth M., iThrive Yoga

It was clear that he spent time researching my field and similar websites. He was accommodating and listened to what I needed and delivered an exceptional website. Everything was completed in the time we agreed upon and he made adjustments as needed. I absolutely love my new website!
Jill K., My Coding Mentor


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