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My Interview at Thumbtack

by :: 16 November

How does your business/company differ from the rest who do what you do?

I began Impress Design after spending many years in the corporate world in sales and marketing. My last two positions were as Director of Sales and Marketing. So, I bring a very clear understanding of the value of speaking directly to the target audience in both design and copy.

Also, we have in-house specialists who are very good at what they do, including SEO, Design, Programming, Mobile Application Development, and Project Management. Our primary focus is on results. Does it work? Forget how pretty it is, and how cool the features are. Does it get the required results. That's all that matters. In the end, we make a company's message simple, easy to understand but completely unique.

How you describe your team/staff/crew?

We're a bunch of geeks who love what we do. Mostly, we love a challenge.

Describe your most favorite project?

Our favorite projects are always our most recent. We love what we did for DaVinci Teeth Whitening System ( We built a complete new content management system, a lead retrieval system for both mobile and desktop, with an interface with MailChimp and a series of auto-responders to the customer. We also built it so that it can all be managed from one easy to use location. Plus, DaVinci's providers can access the system for their own purposes.

How do you see your business 5 to 10 years from now?

5 to 10 years from now? Wow, that's a whole different world. What I mean by that is this: 10 years ago we were excited because there was this thing coming out called a CD that was writeable. Today, CDs hardly exist. Smart phones, iPads and pervasive connectivity practically bring Star Trek to our fingertips. Whatever the future holds, we'll be there to change and adapt to it. But some things remain constant: you have to communicate your message. You have to do work that is exceptional and unique. And, most importantly, you have to solve problems in a way that seems obvious, like there really was no other way.

How do you want to be known/perceived by your customers?

Our customers tell us that we are easy to work with and that we deliver beyond their expectations. We plan to keep it that way. Those types of customers like to tell people how happy they are. We like that.

The interview is here. My listing on Thumbtack is here »

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