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Creating Erin Says Blog

by :: 16 February

Erin Says is a blog about ... life. A lot of what Erin Moroni, the author, writes about are common, everyday events (and a lot of them are just plain crazy) as she and her family make their way through life.

What makes the blog unique is Erin’s perspective. She is the funniest woman I have ever met and her stories will make you smile. Within a couple of days of publishing the site she had over 500 pageviews and a couple of dozen comments. Just wait until she really gets going. As one reader put “I'll post something insightful as soon as my stomach cramps go away from laughing and I can actually see my key board."

The design for this site came as natural as is possible. She just seemed to be red and teal. There was no way to leave it out of the design. That said I also wanted to keep the design as simple and easy to use as possible. I also needed to plan for advertising to be a part of the design (because there’s no doubt she’s going to be successful!).

Aside from the regular blog features, I integrated her Facebook and her Twitter accounts to update automatically whenever she posts something new on the site. Her FB updates include the XFBML feed.

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